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Writing As A Process

This website and blog originally began as a smaller part of a larger vision. A vision to write a book about my experience as a teen and teen mom. Why tell my story? It was not my idea. It was a calling.  Something I felt more that I had to do then something I wanted to do. I believe many teen moms have similar stories, but yet, mine needed to be voiced.

It all began for me in February 2014. Michigan is a hard place in February. You learn to embrace the white winters, but even for us seasoned mid-westerners, this month is a challenge. For me it was a desperate time. I had outgrown my schedule and routine. I was bored and I was telling God I needed something to focus on that would move me forward. His answer was simple,

“Write a book about being a teen mom.”

“Ok?” I didn’t reject the idea, because I was interested in writing as a career. I had always wanted to become a writer, just I had never done it. But my past, my teen years?  I would have rather forgot about all that and left it hidden.

I said yes to the challenge anyway,  and step-by-step, I made my moves. I told my friends and family. I started a page on Facebook to encourage teen moms. I began to call myself a writer and talk to other writers about advice. One lead led to another. I was always looking for my path to light up in front of me. Then, I accepted an invatation and joined a writing community. I met with other writers online face- to-face to network. I gleaned information on how to create images and so many other important topics. I started this blog on advice from my coworkers, things were changing for me and I was enjoying my new work.

This website proved to be good ground to breakout and learn new tricks in social media. I continued to soak up info on how to write a book. I had no idea how to do it since I never had. The blog writing was great prep work. My post were rounding out to be about 1000 words, the same amount I would need for a chapter minimum. The reality of the book was beginning to look more real in my mind. Finally, during the summer of 2015, I followed a lead to take a webinar. Investing those few hours paid off big- I was now inspired and given the tools I needed to tackle the book.

I want to encourage you to go after that goal, vision or pull in your gut to create the life you want. For me, telling my story and writing a book was the unknown. I would say as I moved in faith and kept the vision alive in my heart, opportunity and wisdom met me where I was; right at home with all my children and responsibilities. If I can do it, so can you! Live your dreams!

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