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I’m a Terrible Wife

I admit it, I have messed up pretty bad as a wife. I didn’t mean for it to happen like that, but when life beat me down, the time came when I threw in the towel. I took the self-centered, easy way out. I have confessed my wrong. I am seeking amends and clarity through my higher power. I have turned to the church for guidance and I have committed myself to a new way of life. It hasn’t been easy. It has been really hard at times. It is what people do, though, when they blow it. They try their best to make it right. It’s called character, or integrity, and it is something I think young women need to here more about. Because if we get honest, everyone makes mistakes. If you get hit hard enough in life, you may find yourself on the bad end of an ill placed decision.

I start by coming clean with one of my own flaws before I point out those of my fellow woman. You see, I really have another point. For Mother’s day this year I got cash instead of flowers and when I went to the supermarket to get myself something nice to cheer me up, I decided to splurge on fashion mags; a personal lust. The covers of Vogue and Bazaar caught my eye, bright and beautiful colors, both featuring successful blondes we all recognize well. Once home I poured from cover to cover over the next 24 hours, soaking in the latest in style. I especially love to see what the top dogs have to offer my endless crave for beauty and the perfect look I can create in my own mind’s eye. I have a background in fashion and in modeling, so I am hyper sensitive to what is shared on these popular pages. My passion for work with young women is a constant tug on my heart and it is always critiquing the images these wealthy publishers are pumping out to my culture. I am always hoping, but seldom finding, class. Women who will carry the staff of self-worth and respect with the load of wealth and fame.

Taylor Swift was on the cover of Vogue posing in a mini skirt dress. Her legs were open yet crossed, leaving the eye staring down there wondering if you maybe can see something more. She sold out to do a shoot in a short dress with her legs open. What else can you say? I was sad, to see this iconic singer, whom so many young girls and boys are looking up to, pictured in such a way. I wish Taylor saw the impact as a negative for so many young women. Women need to use their minds to succeed, not their nudity. Period. If the leading women aren’t teaching that, then were are all in trouble. Jennifer Lawrence also left me wanting. While I don’t remember any opened legged pics in a skirt, she basically posed topless, wearing only a see-through black dress. In the article she discussed her recent involvement in the fight for equal pay. She said she was standing up for the average woman, not someone that’s as “absolutely fabulous” as she is. But, Jennifer, if you really are standing up for the average American working woman, like me, I have to ask, what are you going to do about it? I mean, you do have an advantage, to really help other women. Maybe you could start by getting dressed, with underwear, just when you’re posing for images that are going to be blasted in front of your millions of young fans? Think about it. Women leaders need to use their intellect and stick together. Baring skin won’t beat out the old boys’ club, ya know? #PleasingAbba