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Who Am I, Why Am I Here?

My name is Jennifer. I am a wife and mother of seven. I was a teen mom, becoming pregnant at 15 and having my first child the summer following my sophomore year. I completed my education, fell in love and got married not long after graduating college. Working in retail management for less than two years, I started my first business designing Christian logos at age 23. I have a love of fashion with a modeling background.


Homeschooling now for a little more than ten years, my life these days revolves around serving and enjoying my husband and children. I cannot lie, it has been a challenging path. At times I have stopped to question my choices. Dreams can be like that, elusive yet needed. I might have stayed focused solely on our family business and the education of our children, but one cold February day in 2014 – I once again had a life altering interaction with the Holy Spirit,

“Write a book about being a teen mom.”

“Really??” I thought. “Okay?”
Now I always dreamed about being a writer and getting paid to do it, but never did I consider writing about my teen years. Those years were ones I would have rather kept buried in the past. I could never really make sense of all I went through. My family and society had shamed me for becoming pregnant at 15.

who am i

Yet now my spiritual journey as a Christian was leading me back to this dark place – to write about and published it. This is how my journey began. It has now become a passion, not only to justify my own past, but to shed light on a topic that is highly ignored: Teen sex and teen parenthood. This blog was created to share my experience with the purpose of branching out through the internet and social media. I want to reach teen moms and encourage them to accomplish great goals. After all, one bump in the road can’t stop destiny! I want to show them defying statistics is the only way plan for their future, as well as help them navigate the situations I found most challenging. Beyond teen mothers, I hope to touch all teens and parents. To make them think twice about peer pressure and dating, bullying and judging. It’s time to stop looking the other way, then shaming our youth for being victimized by their society and culture.  Its time to rise up, to be a voice for those most at risk. Calling all mentors and leaders, mothers and fathers: Our youth need us more than ever. #PleasingAbba