Being a Teen Mom was a difficult experience. The stereotypes I faced, along with the judgement from society, never helped to improve my situation. I am now combating these false ideas by telling my story and sharing how I achieved success.
My mission is to reach Teen Moms and their babies at this most critical time in life, encouraging young families here in America and eventually world-wide. Teen Moms need a voice that can represent hope and a positive future. Pleasing Abba is dedicated to changing the negative statistics surrounding Teen Moms by promoting education and the skill sets necessary to thrive. I believe many more young mothers would obtain secondary education if they understood the assistance available. At a time in life when everything is changing and stressful, young mothers need a road map to navigate college and career. This can be implemented if the encouraging support they needed is daily present. Through social media and internet, it is possible to be connected! 

Every Nation

Every Language

Creating Opportunity

Eliminating Poverty

#TeenMomSuccess #PleasingAbba

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