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The Blood of the Innocent and the Towers of Baal

He who has an ear let them hear the word of the Lord. The towers of Baal stand in plain view across America and the cry from the blood of the innocent comes up before the Father. Like Martin Luther King Jr. who was sent as a great voice to our nation, I firmly now understand that the redemption of my country will be secured through one means and one means only:
The elimination of all racism and the systematic shut down of Planned Parenthood.
The light has been shown into the darkness for the entire land to see. And now, what will be done about it? I for one am grateful for the opportunity and platform to make know my stance and the stance of my family across the world. No mistake can be made whose side we are on. The decree has been sent. Chose your sides. Place your bets. The Lord will not stand for it. He will put an end to it for the sake of His righteous.

rowan 22

Our newest baby. She had much more of a chance at life – simply because of the color of her skin. I, too, have a dream to see the United States of America as the moral high ground of this world, just like Martin Luther King Jr. taught me.

Current stats as of today on #Google reveal African Americans account for 17% of the American population yet they make up 42.4% of all abortions. Planned parenthood was founded in the hopes to keep the white race pure and target immigrants. These are documented facts easily uncovered.

I am ready. Are You?



Phone Love

The phenomenon of phone love. It has overtaken my world. I love my phone. I usually end up buying a new cell phone once a year. My phone is comforting. It has all my music and playlists. Playlists that rock me out of stagnation, or carry me through it with the most soothing tones. My work is in my phone. Little apps in the form of little pictures at my fingertips. I can bounce from Facebook to Twitter and Pintrest. I can check out my domain’s stats and see which countries I have reached with my words as their shapes light up on the map of this magnificent world, all from my lovely phone! I won’t deny how much I love my phone and the age in which I get to create.

With all that being said I recently challenged myself. Well, really I smashed my phone in a temper tantrum. Embarassing, but I was really stressed out. I had just finished self publishing my first book and it was co-written with my husband. New territory is freakish.  As I looked at the totally nonfunctional screen of my large ZTE, I knew it was going to cost me. Being self employed and having a large family means being patient with money. Halloween was around the corner. I could take the money I had to spend on new clothes, or I could replace the screen on my phone. Getting a new phone on my plan wasn’t an option. I’d just bought my phone less than 2 months before. This would be crazy to some, but you just have to understand my love of fashion- I decided to give up having a phone, at least until I had the money to buy one I really wanted.

I still had my laptop and I still had access to my husband’s cell, but no cell phone for me.  It was weird. It actually hurt. It made me sad. I found myself having moments of my day that I usually shared on social media. It was frustrating trying to manage all my accounts, too. As the days past I became slightly used to it. I had to ask myself, was half of what I posted even necessary? For work it has to be a steady flow of posts, but for my personal accounts – was sharing my life through my phone really worthy of my time? I seemed to be much more present in my relationships now that my phone was gone. I share on social media to be social and I am social, but the time away to reflect on why I use my phone and what my attachment to technology really meant to me was powerful: It was phone withdrawal.

The entire time I went without a cell was three months. I bought the phone I wanted and was instantly back in the mix. Going without didn’t change my phone use or love, much at all. Phones do fill a place in our lives and I do not know if there will ever be a life without them…. now. I do crave real relationships and while I love being constantly connected to my favorite peoples’ lives at all times, I would much rather see them in person, kick back and have a good laugh. And that is all I can do in this techno world that I love. Embrace with control and a constant reminder that I can survive without my phone, if I really need to. #pleasingabba