The Teen Sex Life

It almost sounds unreal. Far from unreal, is it a topic that is untouchable? I wonder as I try to reach out to young people. I ask myself what I needed to hear as a teen that would have helped me make right choices and encouraged me to reach beyond the norm. Because that was the reality that I faced as a teen. Most of my peers were in sexual relationships. For me it was a lot of pressure. Sexual relationships for myself and my peers filled a place in our lives to bond with other people and share love and affection. Love and affection are normal parts of human character, so we can say that teens rightfully need to explore relationships. I can speak to this topic as an adult who has lived through it.

Use caution with intimacy

Intimacy binds us together with another person and causes us to become attached to them. When you attach yourself so closely and deeply with another person you stand the risk of being hurt.  I was usually looking for a deeper connection while MOST of the guys that where approaching me to date me or hang out with me only wanted to use me for sex. I’m still blindsided by this sometimes as a woman. Its like my mind isn’t attached to the same body. I forget how men think because I am not one.

There is this intense sexual hunt going on in the world. It’s called nature and reproduction and our youth can feel the impact. We can offer them caution and discipline, because discipline in sexuality will never be unneeded. We can help our teens to work through temptation, but we have to open the conversation. And to open up ourselves to talking about what their sex lives really look like, we will have to acknowledge they exist. #pleasingabba


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