Prayer Partners

This Ministry is actively seeking prayer partners who are willing to take on a consistent commitment. I am looking for faith filled individuals that have the gift of intercession. Prayer warriors stand in the gap, reaching out to God in petition. An intercessor is sensitive to the spiritual realm during prayer and responds accordingly. Prayer partners would take upon their own hearts the concerns and protection of this Ministry. Pleasing Abba has a battle to fight. A battle against ignorance and stereotypes, poverty and shame. I am personally dedicated to seeing change in the statistics of teen mothers during my lifetime, especially in regards to secondary education and incarceration of their youth. Please join me in taking up this cause, which can no longer be cast upon our young women and government alone. 1 of 10 babies born in the United States are born to a teen mother at a rate of 1,200 births a day. 1 in 3 girls in America will become pregnant by age 19. We need to rethink our agenda as a society and see that current education and prevention tactics are not enough. I plan to use my own story and how I achieved success to encourage teen mothers to graduate from college and produce income using their gifts and talents. I want to develop a YouTube channel teen mothers can access for free to get tips, as well as develop webinars. Teen moms need support to reach for their personal potential when facing stereotypes and single motherhood. This is a mighty work, but one I refuse to shy away from. It is time to rise up and establish a covenant of love with our young people. No more abandonment and no more shame. #pleasingabba #teenmom

“My Temple will be called a house of prayer,” Matthew 21:13 NLT


If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner, please contact me with the word prayer in subject.


  1. This is amazing! I love your heart towards girls that find themselves in difficult situations and the ministry that has been birthed from that heart. I would love to support this ministry through prayer. Thank you for being so bold, brave, and authentic in your writing.

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  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Here are the details:

    I hope you accept! I’m looking forward to reading your answers!

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